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The time for the 2022 CMS awards has come and we are glad to present the winners!

Every year the CMS Award committee is honoring some of the CMS Collaboration’s members for their outstanding work and dedication to the CMS sub-detectors.

"We are very happy to attribute the 2022 CMS awards to our collaborators who everyday help maintain and operate the CMS detector with their passion and enthusiasm." - CMS Awards Committee chairs.

This year there were two special awards, one in memory of Meenakshi Narain and one for the ECAL team that repaired the leak in the ECAL Endcaps

These are the sixty awardees who were recognised for their remarkable contribution during 2022:

Jonas Rübenach- For his outstanding contribution to the construction, commissioning and operation of the online luminosity detector BCM1F during the start of Run 3 and throughout the first year of data taking.

Peter Major- For his outstanding and innovative contributions to precision luminosity calibration.

Rohit Saradhy- For his outstanding contribution to the commissioning and calibration of the Beam Halo Monitor detector system at the start of Run 3.

Dainius Simelevicius- For his excellent contributions to the DAQ software during Run 2 and Run 3 and his dedicated and active involvement in the development of efficient and modern DAQ software for HL-LHC.

Amina Zghiche- For her many important contributions to ECAL trigger and detector performance and for the improvement of the ECAL trigger calibrations in Run 3.

Ka Wa Ho- For his passion, initiative and creativity in the work on the ECAL Phase 2 Upgrade.

Raul Jimenez Estupinan- For his outstanding work on the ECAL Detector Control System during Run 2 and Run 3, and for the upgrade of the ECAL Safety System.

David Yu- For his long-term contributions to HCAL, including his crucial role in the detector performance group and project management during LS2 and beginning of Run 3.

Gillian Kopp- For her detailed studies of the HCAL timing alignment and her leading role in the preparation of triggers for long-lived particles that exploit the timing capabilities of the HCAL Phase-I electronics.

Maksim Azarkin- For his extensive and very reliable contributions to HCAL over many years, including his essential role in validating the HCAL calibrations.

Steffie Thayil- For her outstanding and critical contributions to HCAL DCS, Laser calibration, and LV power supply systems during LS2, and operations of the upgraded detector in 2022.

Elena Vernazza- For her design services to the HGCAL front-end electronics and decisive contributions to the HGROC characterization.

Mathias Reinecke- For his long-standing technical and collaborative contributions to the HGCAL project.

Milos Vojinovic- For his outstanding contributions to the testing and verification of the end-to-end HGCAL prototype electronics chain and his contributions to the HGCAL TPG Stage 2 algorithms.

Wahid Redjeb- For his important contributions to the development of reconstruction algorithms and tools for the HGCAL detector and for their development for heterogeneous computing.

Cecile Caillol- For her exemplary coordination and exceptional commitment to the Level-1 Trigger Offline Software. 

Efe Yigitbasi- For his crucial contribution to the development and optimisation of the endcap muon tracking algorithm and to the operations of the Level-1 EndCap Muon Track Finder.

Jona Motta- For his outstanding contribution to the development and optimization of the Level-1 tau lepton trigger algorithm for the Run 3 of the LHC and the HL-LHC. 

Panagiotis Katsoulis- For his crucial contribution to the development and maintenance of the online to offline database for the Level-1 Trigger system.

Chris Madrid- For key contributions to MTD Endcap Timing Layer sensor and module development, prototyping, and performance studies, and for preparation of system tests.

Daniel Spitzbart- For essential studies and contributions to the design of the MTD Endcap Timing Layer and for developments for system testing.

Francesco Santanastasio- For his key role in all the aspects related to the LYSO arrays used in the MTD Barrel Timing Layer.

Antonello Pellecchia- For the exceptional leadership in the successful testing of Phase 2 GEM detectors and electronics, and for the contribution to advancing in simulation enabling a new design of ME0 chambers to handle unprecedented high rates. 

Bilal Kiani- For his outstanding contributions to the DT preparation of Run 3 data-taking and for the commitment in the Phase 2 electronics DT Upgrade.

Ece Asilar- For her outstanding contributions to the integration of improved RPC demonstrators into the CMS experiment and development and studies of the new electronics for CMS-RPC Upgrade Phase 2 project.

Jaebak Kim- For his outstanding leadership and many key contributions to the upgrade of the CMS Cathode Strip Chamber electronics, particularly the Optical Data Motherboards (ODMBs), and for his dedication as CSC Upgrade Coordinator.

Kevin Mota Amarilo- For outstanding contributions to the CMS RPC technical coordination.

Laurent Pétré- For his outstanding contribution to the design and the implementation of the GE1/1 DAQ software which is taking data succesfully in Run 3.

Adriano Di Florio- For his major contributions in the evolution and adaptation of Run 3 and Phase 2 reconstruction to heterogeneous platforms and his leadership of the Upgrade Software group in the Offline and Computing Coordination Area.

Alja Mrak-Tadel- For the major past and ongoing contributions to the development, support, and maintenance of the CMS event visualization Fireworks.

Ceyhun Uzunoglu- For excellence and dedication in quickly establishing new monitoring for CMS.

Felipe Leonardo Gomez Cortes- For his strong commitment and dedication to critically important tasks in CMS Data Management Operations, especially in times of severely strained personpower and increasing responsibilities.

Freya Blekman- For her outstanding activity on communicating CMS physics to a more general audience through the physics briefings. 

Bugra Bilin- For his leadership and important contributions to the Physics Dataset and Monte Carlo Validation group, and in particular his work for the Monte Carlo production.

Pedro José Fernandez Manteca- For his crucial contributions in the Muon POG group, for getting Muon Object scale factors and for his tremendous amount of performance studies throughout Run 2 and Run 3.

Sihyun Jeon- For his crucial and sustainable contributions to the CMS Monte Carlo production.

Florian Rehm- For his commitment in operating the CMS detector as technical shifter covering also many night shifts.

Francesco Navarria- For his long-standing commitment in operating the CMS detector as shift leader.

Maksiym Titov- For his commitment in operating the CMS detector as shift leader covering also a record number of night shifts.

Riccardo Salvatico- For his commitment in operating the CMS detector as Pixels readout expert, shift leader and run field manager.

Fabio Ravera- For excellence in building the interface between Tracker Hardware and Software and establishing a robust paradigm for Outer Tracker Module assembly.

Mikko Barinoff- For outstanding contributions to the Outer Tracker Mechanics and the common services for the Phase 2 Tracker.

Sandra Consuegra Rodríguez- For her outstanding contributions to the ultimate alignment of the Tracker in the LHC Run 2 and to the excellent performance of the Tracker during the start-up of LHC Run 3.

Younes Otarid- For his competence and dedication to the development of the DAQ for CMS Tracker Upgrade which allowed the Tracker prototypes to perform successfully in many beam tests and to secure the path of the Tracker Upgrade.

Karla Josefina Pena Rodriguez- For her outstanding dedication to validating and improving the performance of track reconstruction at HLT.

Sanu Varghese- For his outstanding, sustained and critical contribution to HLT rate and performance studies.

Theodoros Chatzistavrou- For his sustained dedication to HLT upgrade studies, including the use of MTD precision timing in jets and pile up subtraction techniques.

Carlos Lourenco- For his excellent work on the Phase 2 Upgrade TDRs, and for sustained contributions to the CMS Publication Committee work over the lifetime of this Committee, to ensure excellent quality of the CMS papers.

Meenakshi Narain- For her passionate and impactful advocacy for diversity, equity, and inclusion in the CMS Collaboration.

Etiennette Auffray, David Bailleux, Ken Bell, David Cockerill, Jérôme Daguin, Jean Fay, Norbert Frank, Wolfgang Funk, John Hill, David Petyt, Igor Tarasov- For the exceptional response to the crisis that followed a water leak in the ECAL Endcap cooling circuit, which was promptly repaired.

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